Since serving our first client in 1959, RTP has used its wide range of technical experience to work on projects in a number of industries. Each of these industries has challenged us to mobilize our resources in a unique way, resulting in a portfolio of work that enables us to serve any client.

New Melt Shop
Start-Up Switchgear Replacement
Hot Dip Galvanizing Line
New Billet Reheat Furnace
Small Gas Engine Robotic Process Cells and Lines in Die Cast North
Electrolytic Galvanizing & Coating Facility
New Tube Mill Facility
DC-4 Decoater APC System
Die Stands for Upright Storage of 50-Ton Die Casting Dies
EAF Miscellaneous Support Projects
Die Casting Equipment Facility
Mansfield Caster Modernization Project
Refurbish and Upgrade Die Cast South Building
Ship Loading and Unloading Facility
Wichita Falls Line #6 MSVD, Glass Coating Line
Carlisle Line #5 MSVD, Glass Coating Line
Rounds Caster Restart / New Capital Equipment Improvements
Television Glass Manufacturing Facility
Multi-discipline Engineering for Pickle Line Modification
Rod Mill Equipment Upgrade Engineering
Pleasants and Hatfield Stations – GSU Transformer Bushing Monitor System
No. 4 Melting Furnace Replacement
EAF Replacement & Melt Shop Modernization - Basic and Detailed Engineering
No. 2 Gary Slab Caster
WFGD Building, Ducts & Supports
New Ferrite Facility
Biomedical Science Tower 3 (BST3) Center for Vaccine Research Protective Device Co-Ordination Study
Information Sciences Building Main Electrical Service Upgrade
Headlap and Colored Roofing Granules Plant
Green Mill Control Upgrade
Dryer Dust Collection System
Hot Strip Mill Modernization
Stainless Steel Melt Shop Installation
No. 8 EAF Replacement / Modernization
Albright Station Unit #3 GSU Transformer Replacement
Fly Ash Processing Facility
Harrison Power Station – Unit #3 GSU Transformer Replacement
Steelmaking Facility – Preliminary and Final Engineering
Vacuum Coating Water System
Unit #4 Auxiliary Transformer Replacement
Broach Hot Oil Heater “C” System Engineering, New Therminol Oil Supply & Return Lines
"C" Battery Project-Final Engineering
D7 Production Project
Hopedale Project Phase 2 – Piping Field Assistance
Arc Flash Study
SCI Fayette – Condensate Piping Evaluation & Recommendations
Ropecon Conveyer
Hi Rolling Cold Mill and Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS)
Cold Mill Facility
Hopedale Project Phase I – Propane Storage Tank Area, Design of Pipe Supports and Foundations
Zinc Recovery Plant
LSII Electrogalvanizing Chemical Plant
Cooling Water System Upgrade
Steel Mill Melt Shop Optimization
Dispersion Area Dust Collection
Upper and Lower Campus Medium Voltage Distribution System Documentation and Power System Analysis
No. 3 Rod Mill Facility
Aluminum Melting Furnace
Consteel Electric Arc Furnace Facility
Birchwood Manufactured Aggregate Plant

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