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JAMALCO Ropecon Conveyer Design and Implementation in Jamaica

Collaborating with JAMALCO in Jamaica, RTP was hired to design and implement an innovative Ropecon Conveyor System. This project involved the construction of a two-mile-long conveyor, connecting the South Manchester Mine to the Refinery. The system was driven and controlled by two 1000 H.P. Motor Regenerative Power and Control Systems, ensuring efficient and sustainable operation. RTP provided a comprehensive range of services, including the design of new substations, distribution lines, power supply feeders, protective relaying, control systems, and power distribution infrastructure.

RTP approached the project with a focus on optimizing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Collaborating closely with JAMALCO, we designed the Ropecon Conveyor System to ensure seamless material transportation from the mine to the refinery. Our team focused on designing robust infrastructure, including new substations, distribution lines, and power supply feeders, while also integrating regenerative power systems to maximize energy utilization and minimize waste.

With our expertise in electrical design and construction management, RTP played a critical role in designing and implementing the 69KV Toll Gate Substation, 69KV-13.8KV Substation, 69KV Distribution Line spanning 5 miles, and 13.8KV Power Supply Feeders covering 2 miles. We also designed protective relaying systems to ensure safe and reliable operation. Additionally, RTP designed a sophisticated control system that enabled the utilization of generated power in the mine facilities, with the surplus power being sold to the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). Our team further designed 13.8KV to 480V substations for three water booster stations, as well as a comprehensive power distribution system to support the entire infrastructure.

The successful design and implementation of the Ropecon Conveyor System for JAMALCO demonstrate RTP's commitment to engineering excellence, innovative solutions, and sustainable practices. We are proud to have collaborated with JAMALCO on this transformative project, which has revolutionized their material transportation process. Our comprehensive range of services, including design, equipment specifications, construction management, and vendor coordination, ensured the seamless integration and successful operation of the system.