Material Handling


ALCOA World Alumina – CBG


Guinea, West Africa

Collection System Design for ALCOA World Alumina

RTP had the privilege of partnering with ALCOA World Alumina to design and implement a highly efficient Dryer Dust Collection System. This comprehensive project involved various components, including ID Fan 1250 KW Motors, three new Venturi Scrubbers, Sludge Disposal, Sludge Neutralization System, 380 V motor control center, and ID Fan Variable Frequency Drives. Our team provided a wide range of services, including equipment specifications and bills of material, installation specifications, installation engineering encompassing electrical, structural, piping, and instrumentation, as well as project management, project scheduling, and vendor drawing review/approval.

RTP approached the project with a strong commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency. Collaborating closely with ALCOA World Alumina, we meticulously designed a Dryer Dust Collection System tailored to their unique needs. Our team conducted extensive equipment specifications and bills of material, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to industry standards. We also provided detailed installation specifications to guide the seamless integration of the system into ALCOA World Alumina's operations.

With our expertise in installation engineering, including electrical, structural, piping, and instrumentation, we ensured that the Dryer Dust Collection System was flawlessly implemented. Our team meticulously managed the project from start to finish, handling every aspect of project management and scheduling to ensure timely delivery and minimal disruption to ALCOA World Alumina's operations.

Through our collaboration and dedication to engineering excellence, RTP successfully delivered a high-performing Dryer Dust Collection System to ALCOA World Alumina. The system's efficient design, coupled with its effective dust collection capabilities, significantly contributes to ALCOA World Alumina's commitment to sustainability, operational efficiency, and environmental stewardship.