University of Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh, PA

Optimizing Power Distribution at the University of Pittsburgh

RTP undertook a transformative project at the University of Pittsburgh to optimize their medium voltage distribution system. Our scope included thorough site visits, data collection, and the development of an advanced Power System Analysis using ETAP software.

Our team conducted site visits across the campus, collecting crucial information on distribution transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, fuses, cables, and more. Discrepancies between diagrams and collected data were carefully documented.

Utilizing this data, RTP created a detailed ETAP model of the medium voltage distribution center. We performed a comprehensive protective device coordination study, analyzing phase time versus current curves, cable and transformer damage curves, FLA, inrush current, and maximum fault current. For improved selectivity, we provided recommendations on fuse ratings, manufacturers, catalog numbers, and revised protective relay settings.

To ensure accurate documentation, RTP revised existing drawings to incorporate the collected data. Our project aimed to optimize power distribution, enhance system efficiency, and improve reliability across the University of Pittsburgh campus.