Oil & Gas


Mark West Energy Partners, LP


Jewett, OH

Implementing Phase 2 of Piping Field at Hopedale Plant

RTP worked closely with MarkWest Energy Partners, LP in Jewett, OH, to provide essential Piping Field assistance. The project aimed to enhance construction coordination and facilitate problem-solving during the installation of Phase 2 engineering packages. RTP personnel worked on-site as liaisons between contractors, MarkWest Energy Partners, vendors, and engineers to ensure a smooth and successful construction process.

MarkWest Energy Partners requested RTP to provide a full-time designer on-site to coordinate and facilitate construction activities. The RTP team acted as a vital link between contractors, MarkWest Energy Partners, vendors, and engineers, ensuring effective communication and problem-solving throughout the Phase 2 construction activities.

RTP's primary focus was to provide on-site construction assistance to address any issues that arose during the installation of Phase 2 engineering packages. Our personnel worked closely with on-site contractors, actively collaborating to resolve construction discrepancies, interferences, and questions. Acting as an agent for the owner, MarkWest Energy Partners, RTP facilitated solutions and ensured the smooth progress of the installation work.

Through our dedicated presence on-site, effective communication, and problem-solving expertise, RTP successfully provided Piping Field Assistance for MarkWest Energy Partners. Our team's commitment to addressing construction challenges in real-time contributed to the seamless execution of Phase 2 engineering packages. This success reinforces RTP's position as a trusted partner for construction assistance, delivering exceptional support and streamlining construction processes.