R.T. Patterson Company Strengthens Engineering Capabilities with Acquisition by Allied Resources Group

We are thrilled to announce that Allied Resources Group (ARG), a leading provider of engineering, inspection, staffing, and technology solutions, has acquired R.T. Patterson Company (RTP). With a rich history spanning over 65 years, RTP is a respected and established engineering firm renowned for its expertise in heavy industrial engineering. This acquisition brings significant benefits to RTP and aligns perfectly with their vision for growth and delivering exceptional services to clients.

This strategic acquisition provides RTP with access to a wide range of resources and expertise across multiple industries. ARG's specialization in Engineering, Industrial Inspection, Project Management, Engineering, and Healthcare Staffing complements and enhances RTP's existing capabilities, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive suite of services to their clients. This expanded scope empowers RTP to tackle complex projects with increased efficiency and deliver even greater value. This alliance opens doors to new opportunities and markets, enabling RTP to extend its services and footprint beyond its current areas of operation. 

Wayne Johnson, President of RTP, shared his excitement about joining forces with ARG. "We are excited to join forces with ARG. We share a common vision and commitment to providing exceptional services and delivering value to our clients. Together, we can leverage our complementary strengths to drive growth and innovation in the industry."

Dennis F. Zatlin, CEO of ARG, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome R.T. Patterson Company to the ARG family. This acquisition is a significant milestone in our journey to become a leading provider of engineering, inspection, staffing and technology solutions to clients in the manufacturing, energy, and chemical markets. The addition of RTP’s talented team and expertise will enable us to offer a broader range of services to our clients and accelerate our growth, while strengthening our geographic footprint from the Midwest through the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions."

RTP's esteemed team will join ARG as a subsidiary, continuing to provide the high-quality services that their clients have come to expect. ARG is dedicated to upholding RTP's legacy and reputation while leveraging its expanded capabilities to deliver even greater value to clients.

About ARG:

ARG consists of six business units specializing in Engineering, Industrial Inspection, Project Management, Engineering, and Healthcare Staffing. To learn more about ARG and its comprehensive range of solutions, visit www.argroupllc.com.

About RTP:

R.T. Patterson Company is a respected engineering firm with a history dating back over 65 years. Renowned for its expertise in heavy industrial engineering, RTP has served clients in the metals, energy, chemical, and industrial sectors. For more information about RTP and its services, visit www.rtpatterson.com.

Stay tuned for more updates and collaborative successes as ARG and RTP combine their strengths to deliver exceptional engineering solutions and drive innovation in the industry.