Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

R. T. Patterson provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning engineering and design services to a variety of Industrial and Commercial Industries. The scope of services can range from whole building/mill/warehouse/transportation ventilation systems to heating and air conditioning of individual control rooms, electrical rooms, laboratories, pulpits, etc.

HVAC Engineering

  • Mill Buildings, Warehouses, Maintenance Facilities
  • Electrical Rooms, Transformer Rooms, Server Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Crane Pulpits
  • Administration Buildings
  • Shower/Locker Room Facilities
  • Diesel Generator Rooms
  • Hydraulic Rooms
  • Metallurgical, Chemical and Research Laboratories
  • Energy Conservation/Recovery and Sustainability
  • Flexibility and Future Expansion
  • Equipment Specification and Selection:
    • Cooling Towers
    • Chillers – Air Cooled, Centrifugal, Steam
    • Boilers – Hot Water, Steam (Packaged and Unitary)s
    • Air Handling Units – Single Zone, Multi-Zone, Constant Volume, VAV
    • Unitary Equipment – Fan Coils, Split Systems, Mini-Splits
    • Laboratory Fume Hoods, Snorkel Exhaust, Glove Box, Gas Cabinet
    • VAV Boxes, Fan powered Boxes, Supply/Return Diffusers, Registers and Grilles
    • Hydronic System Pumps, Expansion Tanks, Air Separators
    • Hydronic Piping Systems – Hot/Chilled Water, Steam and Condensate

Systems are designed to take into account Personnel Safety, Temperature and Humidity Control, Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Designs will also take into account the requirements of applicable ASHRAE and IMC Codes for ventilation and energy savings as needed.