Civil Foundations

R. T. Patterson has an extensive work history performing foundation design for numerous types of structures, size of equipment and processes for various industries. The order of magnitude of the designs, range from basic footings to complex foundations for dynamic and/or static loads. Designs are developed using finite element analysis for foundations constructed on extraordinary site conditions involving poor soils and/or within regions with low to high seismic accelerations.

Design Methods

  • Staad/Pro used for Foundation Analysis and Design
  • Analysis based on ultimate concrete strength
  • Finite Element used for complex foundation problems for regions of low to high seismic accelerations.
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Settlement analysis using Finite Element
  • Meet ACI, IBC & local building Code Requirements

Site Development

  • Geotechnical Specifications
  • Railroads, Roadways and Parking Areas
  • Roadway Design and Underground Utility Protection for heavy vehicles
  • Storm, Sanitary and Sewer Systems
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control


  • Piles and Soil Bearing
  • Building Footings including large and tall buildings
  • Caissons for transmission towers and poles
  • Stacks
  • Equipment at grade and elevated
  • Large Rotating Equipment (over 14,000 hp)
  • Water Treatment Facilities and Cooling Towers
  • Deep and Large Underground Basements, Tunnels and Pits